Christianity Today – Virginia Prodan: I Found the Gospel in Communist Romania

I Found the Gospel in Communist Romania

Like most people, I was born with a hunger for truth and freedom. Unfortunately, I was born in Communist Romania under the brutal totalitarian regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. Ceausescu’s Romania was a land of lies, where simply questioning a government directive could lead to imprisonment, physical torture, and—in some cases—death.

Needless to say, we lived in a constant state of anxiety and mistrust. Anyone could arbitrarily denounce a neighbor, classmate, or family member for making “anti-government” statements. The government even had spies planted in the churches. The best way to avoid trouble was to remain silent, question nothing, and try to blend in.

For years, I watched my parents and relatives play the part of “good citizens” while privately whispering their contempt for the government. I wondered,Why do people always speak in whispers? Why are they so afraid to speak the truth? (…)

After all, the communist government was notoriously anti-church. Under Ceausescu’s rule, Christians were frequently arrested, beaten, and imprisoned. Church buildings were bulldozed, their land confiscated to make room for Ceausescu’s palace. Anyone who questioned his anti-God stance was either thrown in jail or “disappeared.” For all I knew, this could be a trick to test my loyalty. I paused briefly to consider my next move. Then I saw once again that look of peace and contentment. I wanted that—so much so that I decided it was worth the risk.

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Virginia Prodan is an international human rights attorney, and an Allied Attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom.

She is the author of Saving My Assassin (Tyndale).

Virginia Prodan, Saving my assasin

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  1. N-am cunoscut-o pe d-na Prodan. Stiam ca sotii Prodan sunt avocati si s-au intors la Dumnezeu. Sotul ei, Nelu, a avut curaj aparindu-l pe regretatul pastor Dugulescu in procesul contra Ministerul de Interne. Gestul lui Nelu Prodan n-a scapat neobservat; ei au avut mari probleme cu Secu. Dugulescu fusese accidentat de o masina a Militiei ce circula pe sens interzis; soferul era beat- asta era regula la inscenari. Trebuia curaj sa apari intr-un proces contra MI. M-am bucurat sa citesc marturia d-nei Prodan.


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