Free Access to all De Gruyter Journals in the Year of Science 2010

Dear Readers,

Five of the oldest and internationally best-known scientific institutions in Berlin – Capital of Science are celebrating their anniversaries this year. On this occasion, a large number of scientific institutions in the city are taking part in the festivities.

De Gruyter and the Capital of Science

When it comes to presenting Berlin as a scientific location of the past, present and future, De Gruyter is more than happy to join the activities. After all, for more than two-hundred and sixty years our publishing house has been one of the hotspots for high-quality, landmark research in the humanities and natural sciences in Berlin.

Free Online Access to all De Gruyter Journals

In this special year, we are happy to provide you with a fourteen day’s insight into our complete journal program.

For information on how to activate your free online access to about 150 journal titles from a broad range of research areas please got to our website.

We hope you will find inspiring insights into our program and gain valuable information for your future research.

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