Church Disruptions: Should Children be Allowed in Church?

Some churches today are not allowing children into the main worship hall for Sunday services. This has prompted a debate on whether or not church’s should try to limit interruptions during worship time.

At South Carolina‘s NewSpring Church, children are not allowed to attend the worship service and the doors are even locked after the sermon starts, according to staff representatives at NewSpring.

An article published recently in Christianity Today brings to light some of the sensitive issues discussed today about limiting disruptions during church worship services.

Churches like North Carolina’s Elevation Church reportedly removed a young boy with cerebral palsy from the church service because he was disrupting the service one Sunday.

Actions like this prompt the question on whether or not children should be allowed to attend “big church?” Should churches try to minimize disruptions in services or should the entire family be allowed to attend worship?

There are two sides to this debate.

One group of religious leaders and churchgoers say people should not be considered as “disruptions” and congregations should have a choice whether to bring their children to church. The other argument poses a more difficult stance. Some say disruptions take away from the worship experience and allowing noisy children to disrupt a worship service should be disallowed.

NewSpring staffers say children are not allowed in the worship service because the worship service material is above their heads.

“We offer children’s church because children can worship at their level and the children really enjoy their programs. Right now for instance, we are talking about sex in the adult worship hour,” a NewSpring staff representative told The Christian Post.


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