Pleroma 2011 Call for Papers via Vaisamar

The editorial team of Pleroma is pleased to announce that the themes for the two 2011 issues have been decided. They are as follows:

  • June 2011: Church and Society
  • December 2011: Spirit Baptism

Please email your proposals, with the tentative title in the subject line, to the address jurnalulpleroma at The proposals should be in the form of a one-page abstract, double-spaced, including name and institutional affiliation.

Authors who have submitted proposals of interest for the journal will be invited to send the full version of their paper. Contributions (in Romanian or English) should not exceed 10.000 words. They must include an English abstract, 5 keywords and bibliography.

  • For the June 2011 issue, we expect the full version of the paper by April 30th to be considered for review.
  • For the December 2011, we expect the full version of the paper no longer than August 30th.

Romanian authors writing in English must have their papers copy-edited / proofread by native speaker of English with some expertise in the field of Biblical Studies or Theology.

All papers will be blind-reviewed. Authors are expected to make adjustments to their papers, should the reviewer deem necessary some improvements.

Don’t forget to read the Instructions for Contributors if you want to submit a paper.

Source: Pleroma 2011 Call for Papers from Vaisamar by Vaisamar (01.02.2011)

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