Research Shows Why Moses Went Up Mount Sinai Twice

The Middle Eastern practice of dual proceedings in reaching important deals, agreements or covenants may provide an explanation.

(Israel) – A recent article in TheJerusalem Post begins: „There have been many attempts to clarify why Moses went up Mount Sinai twice. Recent archeological research likely provides a correct answer to this question and testifies to both the originality and the antiquity of the Biblical text.” (Photo: The Jerusalem Post)

Though there are probably teachings on this subject, in all the time I’ve been a Christian I don’t recall a more thorough explanation for this Biblical question.

Continues the report: „There is no doubt that Moses’ ascension was to bring the people a covenant, a signed agreement between the God of Israel and His people. It is also likely that the attending sacred ceremony was conducted in the spirit and the manner of his time. It is therefore most likely that he followed the traditional ancient Middle Eastern practice of reaching and verifying an important agreement.”

„The maintenance of law and order was duly respected, obeyed and strictly enforced in the ancient Middle East. The national discipline was extremely strict, and the oral or written agreements achieved by oral oaths and written testimonies, frequently accompanied by oaths to various gods, were considered holy and binding. From the dawn of human civilization, a king was the supreme lawful authority, but there were also his appointed judges and people’s courts. Oaths, contracts and signed agreements or undertakings had to be carried out to the letter, even if the texts were sometimes challenged in the courts of law.”

The rest of the article goes into more explanation for this historical practice, but reading it, I was struck by the way God either initiated or utilized the governmental customs of the times to bring home spiritual truths and practices. For example, I thought of the marriage covenant, it’s solemnity and how important it is and why we are, and should be, required to bind our oaths before God and others.

Regardless, it’s a good thing to remember when, allegorically, we find ourselves going back up a mountain in our lives a second time! It might be just the thing needed to „seal the deal.”

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Source:  Breaking Christian News

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