HISTORY is a series of happenings; not a logical process

HISTORY is a series of happenings; not a logical process; and those who try to explain it by the popular slogans such as are inspired by the words „evolution „and” progress” are not to be trusted-least of all when they, consciously or unconsciously, slip in philosophical or moral deductions. from their observation of world-annals.
There are many who will try to reconstruct’ what they must needs call a „Philosophy of’ History.” I can only see a series of occurrences–‘-:-and fail to draw any constructive moral from them. ”
Against vague theories of „Progress” and „Evolution,” in which I disbelieve,-holding that history is a series of happenings, with no inevitability about it-we have to set the hard fact of the appearance of occasional individuals, of the few men’ who have turned the stream of events into unexpected courses.

Sir Charles Oman, KB.E., Hon. D.C.L., Oxford,
Hon. LL.D. Cambridge. and Edinburgh; F.B.A.,
Chichele Professor’ of . Modern History in the . University of Oxford.

Baptist Quarterly 10.8 (October 1941), p. 456.

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