Call for Papers : Studii şi Materiale de Istorie Contemporană (SMIC), vol. XIX/2020

The editors of SMIC invite scholars to submit articles for issue number XIX (2020). The journal aims to publish original contributions reflecting new research in archives from Romania or abroad.
The target themes are pertinent to the history of the XXth and XXIst centuries: studies of communist regimes in East Central Europe (cultural politics, diplomacy and international relations, social history, reform dynamics etc.), the role of the Soviet Union/Russia in geopolitical dynamics during the interwar and postwar periods; society and dictatorship during Nicolae Ceaușescu’s rule.
The deadline for submitting articles is 30 October 2020.
The contributions will be sent by email to smic2002@ and cristivasile2002@ The prospective authors will include their institutional affiliation, academic position, contact info (email), an abstract in English, and at least five key-words.
SMIC is a peer-review journal published by the research program “Romania and Europe in the XXth Century” at the Institute of History “Nicoale Iorga”. The periodical is indexed in international databases such as EbscoHost; CEEOL; Index Copernicus.
The style sheet of the journal can be found on the Institute’s webpage (; section Publicaţii) and on the periodical webpage (



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