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‘Communist Monopoly’ Teaches Downside of Socialist Life via Persona

Der Spiegel writes today about a brilliant idea of a Polish research institute – a Monopoly-like game – to teach young people about communism. Here is how the German publication describes this idea:

A Polish research institute has developed a board game to teach young people about life under Communism. In the game, which is inspired by Monopoly, players must wait in endless lines at stores for scarce goods. For added realism, they have to put up with people cutting in line and products running out — unless they have a “colleague in the government” card.

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Tony Blair on God and Politics

Tony Blair (Picture: Time)

I have admitted already that I have always liked Tony Blair, even if I have never understood his support for Bush jr and the war in Iraq.

Now, that he has published his memoir, titled Tony Blair: A Journey, that I can hardly wait to read, we can find out more about his life and office.

Der Spiegel has just published an interview with Blair on this book, in which he also talks about faith and politics.

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