A Ferenc Visky Rememberence

Feri bácsi preaching – how could one forget?

Rev. Ferenc Visly is one of the happiest things that ever happened to my life. When I was invited for the time, by his daughters Lidia and Maria Magdalnena,  to visit them in the village of Paleu, near Oradea, I did not know what to expect. After we met, we could never part ways. I have befriended his children and our paths have met many times afterwards.

I already knew the stories of his seven years in communist prisons, where he met Wurmbrand, and the deportation of his wife and seven small children in Baragan. But meeting the real people was a totally different matter.

For me, as an Evangelical, the classic Reformed and Pietistic participation in the regular Bible reading, discussions prayer and singing before every meal was a new discipline.

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