The perfect Google search – how to save hours and get better results

This article provides useful information about how you can make searches on Google

Search smarter!
Read on to learn what you can do with Google Search, how you can instantly get useful results on the first page (instead of page 6) and how you can remedy memory gaps.
Looking for a specific format

If you’re looking for a specific format (such as PDF, MP3 or DOC).

For example, you can enter your search term, e.g. application filetype:doc to only display applications that were saved as Word documents.

Just about…

When you’re uncertain about the correct word or need to look for synonyms, Google Search can help you, too.

In these cases, the tilde ~ will come in handy.


Without quotation marks, searching for „not a mouse stirring” will yield various different results. Putting the phrase in quotation marks will display results for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Quick definitions

Google Search offers a quick way to look up word definitions. Enter definition: computer

Minus to the rescue

If you ever tried to search for a popular book, series or movie you’ll know the pitfalls of Google Search. Looking for a song about New York that wasn’t written by Frank Sinatra? Enter song new york -sinatra to make your life a lot easier.

When prices matter

To make searching for products easier, you can enter a price range using „..” to combine two prices, e.g. smartphone $150…$250

Finding an article on a specific page

Occasionally, we vaguely remember having seen something of interest on a particular page but the page itself doesn’t offer a search feature for older articles. Simply input „site:” followed by the affected website address plus your search term into Google Search, e.g. presidential election, and Google will display all articles about „presidential election” found on „”.

When your memory fails you

If you only remember parts of an expression, the asterisk * is your friend.

Finding similar pages

Have you recently found an interesting page and you’re now looking for similar websites? Just enter related: followed by the URL

Filtering with search options

Once you’ve carried out a search, you will find multiple tabs below the search text field at the top of the page. Click the cog wheel icon at the right and select Advanced search to access many more search options.

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