The Year in Numbers: 2012 – Joe Carter for The Gospel Coalition

World population (est.): 7,061,314,509

Resident population of the United States (est.): 315,067,051

In America there is:
– One birth every: 8 seconds
– One death every: 12 seconds
– One abortion every: 26 seconds
– One international migrant (net) every: 40 seconds
– Net gain of one person every: 17 seconds

America’s outstanding public debt (est.):$16,348,868,007,556.33

America’s outstanding consumer debt (est.):$11,380,000,000,000

Average credit card debt per U.S. household: $15,418

Average mortgage debt per U.S. household: $149,782

Average student loan debt per U.S. household: $34,703

Median household income: $50,054

Number of Americans with income below the official poverty rate: 46,200,000

Number of abortions in America (est.): 1,200,000

Number of adoptions in America (est.): 136,000

Number of states that allow physician-assisted suicide: 3

Number of states that have legalized same-sex marriage: 9

Number of Christians that were persecuted for their faith around the world (est.):200,000,000

Percentage of Americans who identify as Christian: 78.4

Percentage of Americans who identify as Evangelical: 26.3

Percent of American adults that self-identify as very or moderately religious: 69

Median salary of a megachurch pastor: $120,000

Percent of churchgoers that have not told another person about how to become a Christian in the previous six months: 61

Percent of churchgoers that say they rarely or never pray for the spiritual status of others: 21

Number of evangelical organizations that are challenging the Obama administration’s contraceptive-abortifacient mandate: 8

Percentage of American adults who purchased one or more books: 71

Number of pornographic titles on Amazon’s top-ten best selling book list: 4

Number of spiritual/religious titles on Amazon’s top-ten best selling book list: 0

Number of languages spoken in the world (est.): 6,800

Number of languages without any of the Bible translated: under 2,000

Number of people living in an indigenous community without adequate numbers of Christians and resources to evangelize the group: 2,886,148,000

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