The Gospel Coalition Blog: Georgia Governor Invokes the Bible Against Christian Conscience

The Story: The governor of Georgia recently attempted to make a “biblical case” against the state legislature’s new religious liberty bill.

The Background: Lawmakers in Georgia have been working to protect the religious liberties of the state’s citizens by passing legislation that would prevent them from having to participate in commerce related to same-sex marriage. But the state’s Republican governor, Nathan Deal, has warned that he will reject any measure that “allows discrimination in our state in order to protect people of faith.” (…)


Why It Matters: Gov. Deal proposes a “compromise” position: Christians will be forced to compromise their conscience on the issue of serving same-sex weddings.

The claim that we must violate our conscience because Jesus would not want us to “discriminate against anybody” is incoherent and unbiblical. But it’s Gov. Deal’s direct threat to the religious liberty of Christians that is most offensive. (…)

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