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Areopagus: Seria „Repere…” – Înțelesul epistolelor: Coloseni – Pastor Bebe Ciaușu

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Miercuri, 30 aprilie, de la ora 19, ​Centrul Areopagus din Timișoara vă invită la cea de-a treia întâlnire din cadrul seriei „Repere în interpretarea Sfintei Scripturi”. Invitatul acestui eveniment este pastorul Bebe Ciauşu, iar tema studiată va fi „Înţelesul epistolelor: Epistola lui Pavel către Coloseni”. În cadrul acestei întâlniri va fi prezentată şi lucrarea (în două volume) semnată de invitatul întâlnirii şi intitulată Centralitatea lui Cristos.

Societatea Misionară Română l-a eliberat pe Iosif Țon de toate responsabilitățile

Iosif Ţon a fost dat afara și de la Societatea Misionară Română! from Guarding the Gospel by Bebe Ciausu (30.12.2010)

După ce i s-a retras ordinarea de către Uniunea Baptistă din România și a fost interzis la Radio Vocea Evangheliei, Iosif Ţon a fost “eliberat de orice responsabilitate” şi de la Societatea Misionară Română.

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via Societatea Misionară Română l-a eliberat de toate responsabilitățile pe Iosif Țon începînd din 1 ianuarie 2011 from România Evanghelică by Alin Cristea (3.12.2010)

Comunicatul SMR în format pdf transcris de către Vasilică Croitor și editat de mine poate fi descărcat de aici.

Romanian Missionary Society – History

In 1968, Dr. Peter Trutza, with a group of 25 Romanian and American church leaders, founded the Romanian Missionary Society, to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the Romanian Christians trapped behind the Iron Curtain. In those early days the focus of the ministry was on Christian radio broadcasting, through HCJB, and relief assistance.

In 1982, Dr. Josef Tson, was elected to serve as president, after Dr. Trutza’s retirement. Josef Tson had been exiled by the Communist government of Romania for taking a stand in defense of the Christians and against the abuses of the Communist regime.

Convinced that Communism would soon fall, Dr. Josef Tson brought to the RMS a new vision for training young men and women for ministry. To achieve this, he initiated an ambitious program of publishing Christian books and training materials in the Romanian language, to provide all the books necessary for theological training. At the same time, the radio ministry took a new turn by broadcasting an evangelical Christian program over BBC and Radio Free Europe, reaching a very wide audience.

When Communism fell in Romania, during the bloody days of December 1989, a new era opened for RMS. Dr. Tson returned to Romania and initiated the establishment of the

  • Romanian National Alliance of Evangelicals,
  • „Emanuel” Bible Institute in Oradea (now, „Emanuel” University)
  • Radio „Voice of the Gospel” network, in partnership with HCJB
  • Christian Publishing House „Cartea crestina”

Starting in 1995, Dr. Tson began an itinerant ministry in Romania, focusing on spiritual life seminars, calling all Christians to a renewal of their commitment to Christ. The impact was felt not only in Romania, but also abroad, and „growing in the likeness of Christ” has become a dominant theme of Dr. Tson’s preaching.

Dr. Tson chose to retire in October 2004, to focus on teaching and writing, but continues to be active in the ministry, as a „missionary-at-large” of the RMS. He maintains a busy schedule, preaching and teaching at missionary conferences, churches, theological schools, youth conferences, pastors’ conferences. He continues to write feverishly and to date he has published 17 books.

In 2004, Dr. Livius Percy was elected President. Ever since 1982 he has been involved in various capacities in the RMS ministries and shares the same ministry vision of RMS, to enable the Romanian Christians to fulfill the Great Commission.

Istoricul este preluat de pe site-ul Romanian Missionary Society și poate fi descărcat în format pdf de aici.

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