Romanian Baptist Community – methods and research instruments


Romanian Baptist Community – methods and research instruments is the title of my communication that I will present at Sesiunea Națională de Comunicări Științifice Sfinți, Eroi și Martiri, 9-13 September 2015, Făgăraș, Sâmbăta de Sus.

Romanian Baptist Community – methods and research instruments

Knowing history and assimilating it are necessary endeavors, if we aim at understanding what happened in the past and wish to avoid some of its mistakes. In order to achieve these objectives and understand past events we may use different types of methods and instruments, including the research based on archive documents, if they are available. Consequently, in this study we bring to light some possible methods of identification and usage of archive documents, so that we may be able to reconstruct the history of Romanian Baptists during the Communist regime.

            As we develop our study we find it useful to emphasize, first of all, a brief presentation of the beginning of the Baptist Church and, then, we focus on the impact and the consequences that the Communist regime brought over the Romanian Baptist communities. We develop our findings based on archive documents, mentioning their types, some specific considerations and the Archives in which they are being preserved.

            This research is useful in order to capitalize the past and also to know what methods and instruments we can use as we study Church history.


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